Shadez 2

Shadez 2: Battle for Earth is a more complete strategy sim than Shadez. There is now an overworld map with geographic locations for missions as well as additional controls and troops to use. If you've never played the first Shadez, this flash game could seem somewhat overwhelming but you will soon get the hang of it simply by playing the game and feeling it out. The game is a lot like Command & Conquer where you must build structures and troops and there is a definitive order in which you can build them. You start out by building a Power Plant to power your buildings followed by an Ore Refinery to produce ore. At this point, you can build a Barracks and begin producing low level soldiers for your army. Most of the controls in Shadez 2 are done via the mouse but you can navigate around the landscape by using the arrow or WASD keys. I highly recommend playing the training stage first to get a feel for Shadez 2 or else you might feel a little lost.

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