Defend Your Castle

The object of Defend Your Castle is to keep the stick people from swarming your castle and tearing it down. You do this by grabbing them with the mouse and then dropping them from obscene heights so that they splatter all over the grass. Bloody I know! If you don't drop them from a high enough point, they will get back up and continue their rage filled assault. The game is played in stages and in between you will have the opportunity to buy upgrades for your castle including archer turrets, standard repairs, better walls, and other medieval devices. I recommend saving up for the big purchases like Archers. You really do get what you pay for in Defend Your Castle. Another hint, is when you are dropping the stick figure attackers, try to angle their drop both up vertically as well as to the left horizontally all at once. This way, if you don't kill them when you drop them, they will at least be further away from your castle. Simply dropping them straight up is faster at times but can be damaging in the later rounds when every pickup and drop is life and death. Each stage gets progressively more difficult with more attackers. See how far you can get!

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